Frequently Asked Questions

An Annual service for all your gas appliances is vital for several reasons:

  • All gas appliances can potentially leak gas or carbon monoxide which can be deadly.
  • A regular service may pick up minor problems before they develop into major problems that could be costly.
  • Modern appliances are designed to run efficiently if you have your appliances checked with a combustion analyser this could reduce your monthly fuel bills.

When a new boiler is fitted to an old system there is always a certain amount of loose iron oxide (sludge) floating about in the system or it can be stuck on the inside of radiators which will reduce the heat surface and cause cold spots or in extreme circumstances cold radiators. This can be remedied by power flushing the entire system and pipe work with a chemical process (this process is completely neutralised at the final stage). This process is not to be confused with a hot flush which is nowhere near as effective as a full power flush.  In addition most boiler manufacturers recommend a power flush when a new boiler is fitted to an existing system and if the boiler fails due to debris in the system which finds its way to the boiler components your manufacturers warranty will be void.

All prices will be honoured unless the specification changes or there is unfrozen work to be undertaken and also if you decide that you would like more work done whilst we are on site.  In all cases we will inform you before carrying out any extra work and will not proceed without your consent.  We will communicate with you before, during and after completion of work.

Generally speaking, No, there is not a call out charge for estimates but if we have to travel a long distance we will have to cover fuel costs and we will inform you of this cost prior to leaving to attend your site, any costs incurred for estimates will be deducted from the final invoice if the work is carried out by our company.

Boilers account for around 55% of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference.
Replacing an old gas boiler with an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler and improving your heating controls will significantly cut your home's carbon dioxide emissions - and could save you as much as £310 a year.